Can't get news coverage? Resort to Bob Dylan

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Whoever does Tim Wheeler’s PR will be patting themselves on the back this morning.

The chief executive of property developer Brixton used the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s ‘All along the watchtower’ (yup, the one you’re humming now – though you’re probably thinking of the Jimi Hendrix version) to describe the state of the commercial property market – safe in the knowledge that it was a great news peg.

And sure enough, watch the coverage roll in:
A couple from the Guardian -
‘Too much confusion and no relief: property chief quotes Bob Dylan to sum up market malaise’, Philip Inman, ‘Property, the credit crunch soundtrack’, Julia Finch
One in the Telegraph -
‘Bob Dylan sums up British property woes for Brixton chief’
One in the Daily Mail -
‘I can’t get no relief, moans boss who loves Dylan’ Caroline Grant (not online)
…and a couple of pieces from Daniel Thomas at the FT
‘Brixton waxes lyrical with its warning on commercial property’, ‘Brixton paints picture of doom in results’

Nor did the comment sections want to miss out on an opportunity to get the public involved:
‘Which song best sums up the UK downturn?‘ Rowena Mason, Daily Telegraph
‘Going for a song’, Comment is Free, Guardian

Funnily enough, without the benefit of Dylan, Wheeler received a little less coverage with his predictions a few years back – see Jenny Davey in the Times (2004).

What benefit the blanket coverage of the press release (presuming most journalists don’t usually have time to read Brixton property’s half yearly results) does for the property company is not entirely clear, but Tim Wheeler has a future in PR if he wants one.

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August 20th, 2008 at 7:24 am

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