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Responding to popular demand… we’ve added a couple more bits of information to

We at Journalisted get lots and lots of emails asking us for the contact details of journalists. In response we do our best to explain that we don’t keep contact details, and only publish email addresses on the site if they’re published below the journalist’s articles.

Still, this seemed a little lame. So we’ve added a bit more information that we hope will be more helpful. If someone writes regularly for a particular national news outlet then we make a guess at their email based on the standard email format for that organisation (e.g. – making sure people know it’s a guess of course. Oh, and if that doesn’t work then we’ve stuck up the telephone number of the news organisation too. For example, see Rob Adams at the Herald –

If you happen to be a journalist and this email is wrong, you’re more than welcome to send us the right one and we’ll replace it (

And, as ever, please send us any ideas or thoughts you have as to how we can make the site better and more useful. Further updates coming soon…

Written by Martin Moore

July 9th, 2008 at 2:00 pm

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  1. Hi Martin, you’re no doubt aware of the case of ‘Media Lens’: NEWS INTERNATIONAL THREATENS MEDIA LENS WITH LEGAL AND POLICE ACTION, see and I wondered if this is this likely to influence your plan to publish the email addresses of journaists? and also what you’re opinions are on this?James

    James Williams

    10 Jul 08 at 5:22 pm

  2. Hello James,Thank you for your comment and link to the article about Media Lens (which I hadn’t read so much appreciate the link).Though I don’t think the case is comparable. On journalisted we only have the email addresses of journalists who already publish their addresses beneath their articles, and for other journalists point people to the news organisation concerned.We don’t ourselves email the journalists (as Media Lens did in this case) or print any correspondence with journalists (as Media Lens did). So I don’t see how they are similar.Is this what you meant?

    Martin Moore

    10 Jul 08 at 5:32 pm

  3. Evening Martin, I agree that the case isn’t exactly comparable, nevertheless, bearing in mind the attitude of News International in this case, don’t you think that the collating of the email addresses publicly and ‘for the public’ (for the first time I believe) might be perceived as a little threatening? Another issue that might be highlighted here in fact is that email addresses of journalists, whether they have at any time been previously published or not, are available to businesses and PR’s who wish to obtain them, whereas ‘the public’ is often left without direct lines of feedback except for letters pages.

    James Williams

    10 Jul 08 at 6:09 pm

  4. Evening James,Hmmm… I have to say you’ve thrown me a little with this one. I’m bemused as to how it can be perceived as threatening. I publish stuff here and have my email address, allow comments etc. Surely it’s just good practice that if you publish – especially if you publish in a national newspaper as all journalists on journalisted have to have done, then you let people contact you somehow? And email (bear in mind these are work emails, not personal emails) is simply the easiest and least threatening way to respond.The PR thing I’m with you on, though most PRs have access to much more thorough contact databases than journalisted.And aren’t we agreeing on the last point? This is a free resource set up on behalf of the public so that they have an opportunity to respond, just like you say.

    Martin Moore

    10 Jul 08 at 8:54 pm

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