Friday note: AP’s new news model, ed guidelines and bloviators

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Links to stuff I’ve read this week about where news may – or may not – be going:

The AP’s new ecosystem for news distribution (from Nieman Lab)

  • Martin Langeveld explains – better than I did in my PBS blog in August – how metadata can create new business models for news on the web. The AP is setting up a B2B independent rights clearing house for news, built on its news registry which is itself based on the hNews microformat we developed with the AP (thanks to grants from the Knight and MacArthur foundations)

Editorial guidelines for linking and commenting

Why journalists should be aiming for 100%

A mega organogram – the one that keeps Cameron up at night

  • A mash-up of organizational charts from all across government, put together by Conrad Quilty-Harper (@connee) for

Crowdsourcing news on the spending cuts –

  • The Open Knowledge Foundation started crowdsourcing information about where the cuts are happening in the week of the UK spending review – powered by the mapping platform recently made famous by Clay Shirky – Ushahidi

Proposal to open up council budgets for comparison

  • Chris Taggart, of Openly Local, proposed making council budgets – that are currently difficult to access and a nightmare to compare – openly available in a re-usable format on the web
  • Opening up councils… and open procurement

Finding journalism outside journalism

  • Great post by Judith Townend about how only if it stops being so introverted can journalism reinvent itself

Words & phrases I learnt this week:

Bloviator (Rupert Murdoch): someone who speaks pompously

Google surge: buying up all ads on all Google products in a specific geographical area on a specific date (e.g. election day)

Facebook social power play: the same thing but on Facebook

Imaginary cosmopolitanism: Ethan Zuckerman’s phrase to describe our shallow knowledge of world affairs

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