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James Silver’s interview with Mihir Bose, the new BBC sports editor, in yesterday’s Media Guardian, raises worthwhile questions about what impact the changes in newspaper production will have on original journalism. Bose talks about the different working practices of newspapers vs broadcast:
“[At the Telegraph] I could say ‘right, this story is the one I’m going to focus on this week’… Newspapers build up to a crescendo round first edition time. Once that is put to bed, you can go to the pub. The BBC isn’t quite like that. There are so many outlets, you can start on the Today programme or 5 Live Breakfast and finish off at midnight and still be doing the same story. And you wouldn’t have time to really go out and find out about the story beyond what is on the wires”
As newspapers adopt aspects of the broadcasting model – with podcasts, video interviews and multiple publishing deadlines – will we lose the in-depth original journalism Bose talks about?

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January 30th, 2007 at 5:37 pm

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