Papers draw up party lines

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Old school political partisanship is alive and well in the papers today.

Cameron’s law and order speech captures the attention of the Mail and the Telegraph. Writing in the Telegraph Philip Johnston goes so far as to compare the speech to Tony Blair’s after the murder of Jamie Bulger in 1993: “Fourteen years later it is Mr Cameron’s turn to call for moral rearmament, better discipline, effective policing and a challenge to the popularisation of casual violence”. Hoping to avoid any media distortion, Cameron gives his own write-up of himself in the Daily Mail – and must be heartily gratified by the endorsement he gets from the paper in response (‘At last! Mr Cameron is talking like a Tory’).

The Mirror avoids reporting on the speech directly by going straight for Jack Straw’s rebuttal (‘Cam£6bnSham’). While the Guardian prefers to trumpet its egalitarian credentials and expose the ‘Boardroom Bonanza’ being enjoyed by the UK’s chief executives.

Are the papers drawing up their party lines in readiness for an autumn election?

Perhaps, although if the Sun’s the first to know when an election will be called – as it has been for the last 3 elections – then we’ve got a while to wait. The UK’s biggest selling paper leads today on the frightening news that Amy Winehouse is ‘out of control’ and that her father is worried about her.

Written by Martin Moore

August 29th, 2007 at 8:20 am

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