Stop Press: Sun attacks racism

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I couldn’t help but do a double take this morning. Was The Sun really leading on it’s front page with an attack on racism and an appeal for tolerance? Yes, it was. 11 children of different races hold up placards with racist insults. ‘What do we all have in common?’ the paper asks – we’re all British. Blimey. OK, one could be cynical and point to the frequent attacks on Muslims and immigrants in the paper in the past; or one could note that after the jailing of one of its journalists and resignation of one of its editors News International might want to burnish The Sun’s image; or one could note that the 40-50,000 complaints about Big Brother indicate how widespread people’s intolerance of racism now is… But, it is still an astonishing front page for The Sun. This one is, as the papers so often like to say, one to cut out and keep.

Written by Martin Moore

January 30th, 2007 at 12:38 pm

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