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Tobias Grubbe and journalisted

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Though our budget for telling people about the new is close to non-existent, we have managed to squeeze enough out to become the proud patron of Tobias Grubbe, an 18th century jobbing journalist, the creation of the uber-talented illustrator Matt Buck and writer Michael Cross.

Grubbe will be expressing his opinions about the election on The Guardian website from Monday 12th to the election (and a bit after). He has also become an honorary member of, joining over 18,000 of his colleagues.

You might notice that Tobias’s 18th century London bears striking parallels with the capital today, particularly in terms of the venality of its politics and the cut throat coffee house culture of its writers.

Any resemblance between the murky, mired media world of Tobias Grubbe and our contemporary situation is entirely deliberate.

We are honour’d to be supporting him and wish him well.

You can follow Tobias Grubbe’s progress on his journalisted profile.

Written by Martin Moore

April 9th, 2010 at 4:17 pm