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Does the UK do 'tough media criticism'?

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Amazing what a skewed impression you can get of the UK news media if you’re only exposed to it briefly.

Dan Gillmor (of citizen journalism fame) was here from the US last week and concluded – based on the newspapers’ attacks on the BBC and Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science column in The Guardian that, unlike the US, the UK media do ‘tough media criticism’.

Little does he know that much of the UK press will take any opportunity to lay savagely into the BBC and vent their anger and jealousy at its guaranteed income and enormously high reputation. Nor is he perhaps conscious of the press’ code of silence about one another – avoiding self-criticism at all costs. Indeed Ben Goldacre’s criticism of The Observer in The Guardian was so unusual it earned a mention by Stephen Glover in yesterday’s Independent (Glover bizarrely – and wrongly – concluded that Goldacre’s column was commissioned because the Guardian’s editor was cross at the Observer’s ‘distinct populist identity’. Rather than the article being written because the original article was grossly misleading and irresponsible – which it was… see previous post).

When was the last time you saw the Daily Mail castigate the Express? Or The Sun attack the News of the World? Or even The Times to attack the News of the World? No, didn’t think so.

Unfortunately, self-criticism is not one of the UK media’s strongest suits.

Written by Martin Moore

July 24th, 2007 at 3:34 pm

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