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A toe dipped into Media Re:Public

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People talk alot about our age of ‘information overload’. That’s how I’m feeling right now. Berkman have gathered together such an astonishing collection of internet eggheads (meant in a good way – as Richard Sambrook said yesterday, these are the people you’ll have in your RSS reader if you follow new media developments) at this one day ‘participatory media’ conference that I imagine it’ll take a while to digest what’s happening here today. In other words, blogging real time just ain’t gonna work.
Still, I’ll drop in a few highlights so far (what the hell):

From Manuel Castells (already perhaps one of the most legendary new media thinkers):
- Contemporary politics “is fundamentally media politics”. The media don’t have the power but they are the field of power
- The current transformation of the media is transforming and will transform politics
- Commercial organisations are in the business of turning freedom into a commodity on the net
- Rupert Murdoch is the best at doing this [according to MC]

From David Weinberger (author of Cluetrain and Everything is Miscellaneous):
- Alot of ways or ‘frames’ by which people look at internet are flawed, e.g. as an ‘ecosystem’, as a ‘pro-am revolution’, or as simply an ‘information flow’
- Another way – also flawed but very helpful right now, is ‘abundance’
- And “if abundance of bad stuff is frightening, abundance of good stuff is terrifying”
- Working out how we navigate – i.e. via metadata – is going to be the real question and the real struggle

From John Kelly (project to analyse the blogosphere – from Columbia Journalism School)
I’m not even going to start to describe John Kelly’s dot charts. You need to see them, or rather you need to stare at them for a long time, before working out what’s going on (and they’re worth staring at).
Just to pick one out. He’s mapped an amazing multicoloured dot chart of Iran’s blogosphere that shows: secularist / independent bloggers outnumber conservatives. The second biggest community of bloggers blog about poetry.

I’ll pause there and keep trying to listen and digest.

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March 28th, 2008 at 6:54 pm

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