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Contacting journalists

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Responding to popular demand… we’ve added a couple more bits of information to

We at Journalisted get lots and lots of emails asking us for the contact details of journalists. In response we do our best to explain that we don’t keep contact details, and only publish email addresses on the site if they’re published below the journalist’s articles.

Still, this seemed a little lame. So we’ve added a bit more information that we hope will be more helpful. If someone writes regularly for a particular national news outlet then we make a guess at their email based on the standard email format for that organisation (e.g. – making sure people know it’s a guess of course. Oh, and if that doesn’t work then we’ve stuck up the telephone number of the news organisation too. For example, see Rob Adams at the Herald –

If you happen to be a journalist and this email is wrong, you’re more than welcome to send us the right one and we’ll replace it (

And, as ever, please send us any ideas or thoughts you have as to how we can make the site better and more useful. Further updates coming soon…

Written by Martin Moore

July 9th, 2008 at 2:00 pm

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