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Time to support INSI

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‘£1m for 1,000 journalists’ is the attention grabbing if slightly gruesome headline for the campaign INSI launched in the Commons yesterday. Austin Mitchell, Richard Sambrook and Rodney Pinder told a packed Committee Room 11 how they hoped both to stop governments granting impunity to people who kill journalists and to convince news organisations worldwide that it’s in their interest to give their employees safety training (one wouldn’t have thought they needed convincing but clearly they do – even in the UK there are only two newspapers signed up to INSI).
There are three ways in which INSI can make a significant difference:
- Through its pragmatic, on-the-ground training, which Pinder says has already saved lives
- By recording each death so we have a verifiable record that can be used to put pressure on governments, the UN etc. – INSI now has a database going back 10 years and plans to publish a sort of ‘Killings Index’ (Mitchell’s phrase) or equivalent annually (INSI figures are calculated slightly differently from those of the Committee to Protect Journalists – to take account of support workers)
- By publicising the deaths of journalists and, almost as important, what happens next (which is normally nothing – according to INSI’s report, of 657 deliberate killings of journalists since 1996, only 27 have resulted in the identification and conviction of the killers)
All of which INSI is now trying to do, but can’t if it doesn’t have funding.
With Alan Johnston still in captivity, and with the recent murders of high profile figures like Hrant Dink and Anna Politkovskaya, now is surely the moment when governments and news outlets should get behind an organisation like INSI.

Written by Martin Moore

April 26th, 2007 at 10:33 am

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