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How will newspapers make money in future? Shopping? Travel? Sponsored editorial?

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As circulations fall, advertising revenues decline and recruitment advertising plummets, there continues to be much talk about how newspapers will make money in future.

Many of them are, and have been for some time, looking for ways to ‘monetize’ their reading public (i.e. milk readers for more cash).
You can get a pretty good idea of what this means by reading todays Times. I counted 21 ads for ways in which the paper could make additional revenue (not including encouraging people to buy the paper tomorrow or Saturday or one just promoting the brand).
These included:
Times shopping for… boots (‘Put your best boot forward’), foldaway buffet tables, Swiss Army Saturn messenger bags, 37 Shakespeare plays on DVD, jumbo storage bags, the world’s smallest x18 magnification binoculars and sustainable beech wood coathangers
Times Travel to Lake Garda, Venice, Verona, Prague, Rome, and other city breaks.
Times ticket packages to… the Royal Windsor Tattoo, Jersey boys
Times conferences / events like… the Times Bar conference or the London Film Festival in association with The Times,
Times offers for… half price books, magical evenings on ice, free hotel stays
Times subscriptions ‘freeze’
And, one of the strangest, an ad for a weekly Times online ‘streamlined’ series with Tony Hawks – sponsored by VW Passat C (see ‘A Life More Streamlined‘). The remarkable thing about this is the deliberate melding of editorial and advertising – the tagline for the VW Passat is ‘See the new streamlined coupe’.
All of which presumably necessary to make up for the shortfall in revenue from circulation and advertising. And most done by other newspapers (although perhaps not quite so voluminously).
Still, should we be concerned about the melding of advertising and editorial? Imagine extending the Tony Hawks model to other journalists or parts of the paper. This is your domestic news section brought to you by XYZ Security Contractors? Or, Dr Thomas Stuttaford’s column, in association with AXA Healthcare? Wait, I’ve just had a look, and many of  Dr Stuttaford’s columns are in association with AXA! Conflict of interest anyone?

Written by Martin Moore

October 23rd, 2008 at 11:16 am

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