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A chastened Express?

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Reading today’s Daily Express is a very odd experience.

It still says ‘Daily Express’ at the top and has the incongruous tagline ‘The World’s Greatest Newspaper’. The paper is the same size, the same price, and has the same font. Yet there is something radically different about it.

There is, for one thing, no mention of Madeleine McCann, or her parents, or anyone else to do with the whole McCann saga. No real surprise there I suppose – Carter Ruck’s warnings and a bill for £550,000 finally appear to have got through to Richard Desmond and his editor, Peter Hill.

But neither is there any mention of Diana, or Shannon Matthews’ family, or Fiona McKeown. Heather Mills makes a brief appearance on page 13, but only as part of Ann Widdecombe’s column. Nor are there any ominous warnings of wild weather. The Islamophobia is even toned down – though the paper could not resist a short piece by Cyril Dixon on p.14 reporting that there will be ‘More attending Mosques than Mass by 2020′ (would this previously have been a p.1 splash?).

Does this signify the end of the Express’ endless recycling of the same 4-5 stories? Have Richard Desmond and Peter Hill become self-conscious about their cynical manipulation of the news agenda? Or is this just a brief moment of respite until the criticisms subside and the calls for an Express boycott die down?

Written by Martin Moore

March 26th, 2008 at 12:45 pm

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