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Third Party Complaints Mystery

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FAQ #13, ‘I am not the person directly involved in the report that I want to complain about. Can the PCC still help? The PCC does not generally accept complaints from third parties about cases involving named individuals without the signed authorisation of the person concerned’.

Sir Christopher Meyer: “The point of principle is fairly clear, I don’t think it has changed. We have never said no to third party complaints… What we have always said is that what you can’t have is a third party trumping the rights and wishes of a first party”, Media Guardian 18-3-09.

PCC spokesman to Media Guardian regarding complaints about OK! tribute issue: “As things stand there will be no investigation. If people want to present arguments why the commission should disregard the usual third-party rules then we would listen to that argument and obviously if Jade Goody’s family should wish to complain then we would listen to that.” Media Guardian, 19-3-09.

Response to complaint from Martin Belam: “Dear Mr Belam, Thank you for your email. I should emphasise that the PCC will normally only consider complaints from people who are directly affected by the matters about which they are concerned. Indeed, only in exceptional circumstances will the Commission consider a complaint from someone not directly involved. In this instance, an initial examination of your case suggests that you are a third party to the complaint.” 11-2-09.


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